Indie/Alt/Rock band Neon the Bishop formed in 2019 in Denver, CO. Consisting of Kendall James, Erik Johnson, Carlos Hernandez and Stephen Morrison, the quartet has solidified itself as a must-experience act in the Denver scene and beyond. The project brings piano, nostalgic synth, punchy bass, guitar-driven indie rock staying well balanced with its stylish pop sensibility and lead singer Kendall James' unique and instantly recognizable vocal work. Along with headlining several sold out shows, they have opened for national acts such as Cage the Elephant, Rise Against, Half Alive, Grandson, and 888. Neon the Bishop released their latest single "The Get Down" in March of 2022.

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July 30, 2022                                Stoney's Cantina (Underground Music Showcase)               Denver, CO

August 5, 2022                             The Junkyard (Vortex Festival)                                          Denver, CO

August 27, 2022                           Number 38 (RiNo Showcase)                                            Denver, CO

November 12, 2022                      Lyric Cinema                                                                     Fort Collins, CO

November 23, 2022                      The HiDive                                                                        Denver, CO

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