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From death, comes life formed by fire in the subterranean depths of existence. Neon the Bishop haunts listeners with nostalgic memories turned tangibly analog, bringing a dark optimism for a greater future.


Solidifying itself as a must-experience act in the Denver scene and beyond, the project brings piano, nostalgic synth, punchy bass, guitar-driven indie rock staying well balanced with its stylish pop sensibility and lead singer Kendall James' unique and instantly recognizable vocal work. Along with headlining several sold out shows, they have shared the stage with major acts such as The 1975, Cage the Elephant, Rise Against, Halfalive, and lovelytheband. Neon the Bishop released their latest single "Lovely Ghost" in November of 2023.

"The Denver group has been making unique, synthesizer-heavy indie-pop music since 2019, showcased on the ebullient, four-and-a-half-minute “A Damn Good First Impression... Bands such as Queen inspire James, and that influence is apparent in the single’s soaring, operatic vocal harmonies and theatrical instrumental arrangement."
                                                                                    - John Bear Denver Westword

"Indie group Neon the Bishop has already made their mark as a distinctly unique voice."                                                                                                        - Mariah Hansen 303 Magazine


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